Water enhances our training 3

By Maria Polyzou




Water before and during exercise


A quick trick we can do to verify with relative accuracy of how much water our organism needs, based on the training we do; this should be done only once, unless our body mass changes to a great extent.


  • We weigh ourselves before a training session and record our mass accurately. 
  • We do our training without drinking any water at all.
  • An hour after our training, we weigh ourselves again.  Remember, we have not drunk any water at all during this time. 


For every 0.8kg of weight less which our scales show, we will have to drink 1liter of water.  Ideally, this water should contain sodium as well, so as to avoid any danger of hyponatraemia. 


What we can do, is to treat our organism with much needed electrolytes (sodium) through either isotonic drinks which we find on the market (we need to be cautious in our consumption of these), or we can get a supply of Almoral (electrolytes in powder form) which we prepare by diluting ¼ of a sachet into 1 liter of water.  


This is the amount of water we should drink during our training session so that our organism has all the hydration it requires and can offer us 100% performance.


We should always drink 500ml of water two hours before training and 200ml every 15 minutes before we start.



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