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I ran 595 km in  about a mounth By Vicky Pappa

My target was to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Marathon Dream By Kärt Radik (EST)

I never gave up white chocolate or some glasses of wine with friends on weekends but I completed the training Jane planned for me 100%.

Why I run By Gianna Mavrogianni (GRE)

I met my coach Maria Polyzou and her team at a race. This encounter was a defining moment for me.

The Running Soul: My Journey from Darkness to Light By Parul Sheth (IND)

The number of runners in India - particularly women runners - has increased dramatically in recent years . There is something empowering about running and women are embracing it.

Running, Teaching, Living without races By Michelle Stavros (USA)

I didn’t have to be training to run, I just had to run.

Athens Marathon. The Authentic runner’s adventure By Sinead Boshof (RSA)

"If you are losing faith in human nature; go out and watch a marathon."

And I kept moving By Kim Bryant De (USA)

"After a rough divorce, a wonderful new relationship made things click. He was active."

Running with my hero By Martha Irene Morales Villalobos (MEX)

My dream was to run a marathon together with my father and it became an obsession for both of us, I was 21 years old when I started training.

An active life By Pam Eveland (USA)

I still love the feeling I get from exercising, but instead of the thrill of winning, I embrace the thrill of climbing a mountain and the fantastic views of our Blue Ridge landscape.

New opportunities from COVID-19  By Dagmawit Amare (ETH)

The run took place in the first week in June. I was excited about the race. This time I could be both an organiser and a participant.

Enjoy running and enjoy freedom By Alessandra Ramella Pairin (ITA)

Running was never as nice as on 6 May 2020. Nature was gorgeous - more than other years at the same time. Flowers were everywhere. Birds and squirrels were giving runners their welcome back. It was wonderful. The kilometres seemed shorter than before Covid. I was so excited that I didn’t feel any pain in my legs and any shortness of breath, only joy and wellbeing!

Nagoya Women's Marathon 2020: a race like I never imagined By Luisa Fernanda Flores Guzmán (MEX)

The start of a new year always brings with it novelties and goals and 2020 seemed to promise a lot for everyone. But we never imagined that in Asia, America, Europe, and the rest of the world, we would be surprised by the same situation: the arrival of COVID-19.

I Never thought that the desire to help would convert me into what I am today, an Ultra Marathoner

By Ayenza Matthews  “La Potranca” (PAN)

Never give up  By Chrystall Antoniadou-Karra (GRE)

When a very well-known Ultra runner was asked why he ran, his reply was as simple as this: “Because I can!”

Nothing stops pink; nothing stops the women by Alessandra Ramella Pairin (ITA)

Stories of women who run for themselves and for the others.

  Titanium heart by Daniela Dávila (MEX)

"Of the millions of challenges life presents, I never imagined that I would have to have heart surgery at my 23. But I am going to run Chicago Marathon."