And I kept moving

By Kim Bryant De from Asheville, North Carolina in the U.S.


“I just ran a 5k!”  


“Oh Kim, you need to be careful.”  


Fifty pounds overweight and unhealthy, at 34 this was a huge accomplishment in my mind. In my mom’s mind I wasn’t being careful.


“Be careful.” “Don't do anything that might get you hurt.” These were mantras in my childhood home. I’m not sure I minded. I was a bookish child who preferred sitting inside reading (and watching tv) to being outside running around. It wasn’t a huge concern until at ten I began puberty, and weight gain. My mom started trying to get me moving a bit - softball and swim team in the summer. Show choir during the school year. Nothing too dangerous or chance-taking. I went along, but was never in love with movement. So my weight cycled up and down. Until it went up. And up and up.


Flash forward to 2007. After a rough divorce, a wonderful new relationship made things click. He was active. He encouraged me to ride bikes with him.  I began lifting weights, eating better and… running. It clicked. I stopped hearing “Don’t do anything that might hurt you” in my ear.  The weight, which had already started melting off my body, continued, and stayed off. I felt strong. I was healthy. And I was being safe. Another 5k. On to a 10k. Training for a half marathon led me to decide a full marathon was in the cards.


And then I heard the voice.


“Mom I’m on my way to run 20 miles!”  


“Oh Kim, you need to be careful.”


Although disheartening, I knew I was being safe. And I kept moving. I never stopped.


These days I do more than just run. I’m still very active. I walk, strength train, hike and practice yoga. And I still run. And I feel strong. And safe.

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