I run 595km in about a month

By Vicky Pappa (GRE)


The idea behind my participation in the virtual Race of the Two Towers 595km was to run all these kilometres during the second lockdown in Greece. My target was to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.


I started my ”journey“ slowly. With the encouragement and precious help of my coach Maria Polyzou I decided to run every day observing a specific programme and to do a long run every Sunday.


Within the first 10 days I had challenged myself to be within the top ten. In the next 10 days I had already run 258km, again finding myself in the top ten runners and in second place among the women. What I had already accomplished encouraged me to continue more strongly and made me more determined to achieve my goal. At that point I decided to ”separate “ the kilometres I had to run. I did most of them early in the morning and a few in the evening.


After 10 more days, I had run 405km and I found myself again in the top ten and second among the women, with a difference of only 20k between me and the leading woman. I was overjoyed and I wanted like a crazy to reach the finish line first.


I starting running early in the morning (at 06.00), at noon and late at night. In between the runs I rested, followed a balanced diet and drank lots of water. I ran no matter what: in the rain, in the hard wind and while covered in mud. I could visualise the finishing line so I ran and ran with all my heart. I tried to think positively and convince myself that I could do it. With much effort and pain I managed to run the last 190km in five days and finish the race in first place.


I would like to thank my coach Maria Polyzou for her daily and continuous support, my co-runner Gianna Mavrogianni for the strength she gave me and of course my husband and my two wonderful children who supported me and encouraged me greatly in this attempt.

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