Water enhances our training 1

By Maria Polyzou




We all know that water constitutes the basic element of life.  However, most of us are not aware of the vital role water plays in the proper functioning of our organism.  Water helps in so much more than just sustaining life.


It is widely known that a lack of water can be the cause of an athlete’s poor performance and him/her having heatstroke.  We all know that it’s good for us to drink water, but it doesn’t cross our minds that … blood is made up of 92%, our bones are 22% water, our brain 75% and our muscle tissue 75%.  Moreover, water:


  1. Constitutes the greatest part of our organism’s cells.
  2. Is the greatest part of our circulation and lymphatic system, as it transports food and oxygen to our cells while at the same time flushing out all waste.
  3. It assists our kidneys in getting rid of all toxic substances.
  4. It contributes to the balance of electrolytes which help control our blood pressure. 
  5. It aids in the moistening of our eyes’ diodes, our mouths, and our nasal cavities.
  6. It keeps our body cool when it is very hot and insulates it when it’s cold. 
  7. It works as a shock absorber thus limiting the impact thereof on our bodies. 
  8. It assists in the lubrication of our joints and constitutes a great part of our blood, perspiration, tears and saliva. 
  9. It can also contain many trace elements which our body needs to function properly.
  10. Water also helps in the maintenance of our blood volume, thus sustaining our body’s energy levels. 
  11. Correct hydration enhances our concentration and our reflexes, especially while we exercise. 
  12. Water also increases the number of calories we burn as we go about our daily activities. 
  13. Water can also help in the prevention of stomach issues which can be caused by the intake of medication in concentrated form.
  14. Water helps us get rid of excess sodium which can be the cause of fluid retention. 


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