Believe it. Take the first step with faith

By Maria Polyzou


Envision exactly what you wish to accomplish.


This is a basic necessity for any runner who wants to run his first marathon; to have what he wants to achieve clearly in his mind.  Does he aim for a particular time or does he just want to finish?


Personally, I believe that our first marathon should be done just for the experience – an assessment of the route and our abilities.  You need to enjoy the actual participation and run the route with a purpose to reach the finish line. 


Many a marathoner, out of sheer zeal to achieve a good time, do not manage to finish.  Or even worse, they go through the final kilometers teetering.  It’s important to have a wonderful and positive first marathon experience; this is what will drive you to sign up for more. Let this be your moment! Feel what it’s like to finish and to overcome not only  all your body's obstacles but the mental ones as well; to overcome everyday problems we have in life and to manage to prepare for those 42.195 meters. 


You need to have discipline, patience, perseverance, but above all, you need to tell yourself … I WANT IT AND I CAN DO IT!!! If you manage to make yourself  believe that you actually can do it, then you will be able to make everyone else close to you, support your effort. If your “I want it and I can do it” is not strong enough, you will make it all the more difficult on yourself. 


You might even not manage to stand at the starting line of the marathon route.


Believe in yourself and take it step by step!



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