Running for beginners

By Maria Polyzou


Basic principles:


First and foremost – it has to be pleasant!

  • Dress according to the weather conditions, thermal top so your sweat doesn’t dry up immediately.  Thin thermal socks.
  • Depending on the season, we protect ourselves from the sun; cap, top or a light wind-cheater.  It is preferable to be a bit cold before we run on cool days and to have a towel and a wind-cheater after our run when we do our stretches.
  • Don’t push your body; allow it to show you what or how much it can endure.
  • Don’t constantly look at your watch to check on pace and so on, rather listen to music on your headphones if you are at a stadium or park.  Avoid wearing headphones if running on the street; always be aware of the traffic on the road.
  • Your small journey begins from the very first kilometre you cover.  Free your mind and forget about your daily problems.
  • Remember it is simple – just one foot in front of the other.
  • Don’t look down!  Try to look ahead at the horizon and run low without having your body jumping high.
  • When you start feeling tired, look around you and smile; you have just begun to tame your body. Treat it with love and respect, do stretches – it will forever be grateful to you and it will look forward to your next session when it will help you accomplish even more.
  • Enjoy the experience!  This is the secret in order to beat every challenge you make with distance and time.
  • Feel free …


No two bodies or muscular systems respond in the same way, however, all people are made in a way to be able to reach their goals. 


It is vital for a meeting to be scheduled after the week’s training session in order to create the runner’s personal profile and adjust the training according to their daily needs and routine. 


Welcome new runner!


I wish you a great beginning as you re-discover your distance within your own time.


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