If you don’t set a goal, then what are you aiming for?

It’s so simple! If you don’t set a goal, then what are you aiming for?

Set your goal and start working towards it.

You can’t possibly have two great goals on your mind and work with your hands already full; you will inevitably fail at both!


Have one good one each time you will come across many small battles you need to overcome in the process, but the final point is there waiting for you to meet it.

Nothing is easy but also nothing is impossible.


Train hard and when I say ‘train’, I don’t mean only your body. The greatest training session is done in our minds; it is there that you either win or lose the battle.

Nurture your thoughts each and every day.


Don’t share your dreams here and there. Keep them to yourself!

Once you share your goals left, right and centre, know that you are slowly, but surely lowering your energy levels until you are suddenly drained of them.  

Your goal has to grow to gigantic levels in your mind and then it will definitely reach your body and from there on to VICTORY!


Are you ready to train?

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