About AIMS Women

The number of runners and joggers in the world is considered to be over 15 million and continues to grow with the rise in people’s health consciousness in recent years. Since established in 1982, AIMS has been taking an active role in promoting marathons and distance races around the world for nearly 40 years. Our Membership has expanded to 472 races from 121 countries and territories and the growth rate is accelerated year by year, making AIMS an association involved in nearly every country on the planet. As the largest organisation in the world of marathons and distance races, AIMS takes the role of not only promoting the sport of running, but also providing a platform to approach global issues in surrounding areas, such as safety & security, environment, WOMEN and children. Based on its global network and expertise, AIMS takes initiative in addressing global challenges and contributing to the international community.


AIMS is aware that the participation of women in running varies depending on different aspects bearing in mind that in some parts of the world is still low; the participation of women is a topic of high importance for society and we aim to increase this numbers, this is the reason why the AIMS  WOMEN´S COMMISSION decided to create AIMS WOMEN as its main program planning to promote the sport of running among women and encourage them to participate on distance running events and adopt the sport of running as a their healthy life style.

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