EDP Women's Race covered Porto in pink


On Sunday, 22nd of May 2022, Alameda das Antas was once again filled with thousands of women in an exciting atmosphere.


The start was scheduled for 10 am, but about an hour before, a sea of ​​pink ladies was already filling the entire Alameda. The excitement started early and, as the start of the race approached, friends, family members, colleagues or companions struggle together at the starting line of what is so called a Ladies event!


Solidarity was present in each of the participants who took part in this sports party, whose main goal is to reflect and raise awareness for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

After a warm-up that brought Alameda das Antas to a boil, Jorge Gabriel, the event's godfather, gave the starting signal for the EDP Women's Race. Running or walking, each participant, at their own pace, covered the 5 km course, which featured animation at 10 different points, including opera, a Brazilian band, a percussion and fado group singing.

Rafaela Fonseca was the first to reach the finish line

Despite the competitive nature not being the most important of this race, once again a group of elite athletes marked their presence. Arriving at the finish line, Rafaela Fonseca (SC Salgueiros) made her debut winning the EDP Women's Race with a time of 00:17:05, followed by Sara Duarte (SC Braga) with com 00:17:07 and Susana Godinho (CD Feirense) with 00:17:19.


€15,000 were raised for the IPO-Porto

The most important moment of the morning was the delivery of the donation to IPO-Porto, in the amount of fifteen thousand euros, from the magnificent fifteen thousand women who joined the cause.


Sons do Minho livened up the end of the party

After the podium ceremony, Alameda das Antas was the stage for the great musical moment of the morning, the live performance of the musical group Sons do Minho.


Taka look a video



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