The Green “workout”; put your shoes on and off you go!


A mere 30-minute workout in nature will make you feel brand new.

The fresh air, the green of the trees, the serenity and sounds of nature will relax you and, most important of all, clear your mind of negative thoughts and the daily problems we face as city dwellers. 

Exercise creates a sense of rejuvenation; you charge up and have a positive outlook on life.


Being used to running on the road, I’ve noticed that by running on trail, or climbing rough rocks and stone, different muscle groups are used.  In the beginning I felt my muscles going stiff and found it hard in contrast to the road where I can hold a good pace.  I gradually realised that by exercising in nature my muscular system became stronger by the day.  What I noticed most was that my body as a whole strengthened a great deal faster (in the period following my disease - the cancer I went through – I recovered a lot faster).


What’s more, I noticed that you burn more calories and fat.  Most important of all is that you don’t set a timer, you don’t count the distance; you just free your body and let it run in nature, to sit on a rock and rest, to observe and listen to the rustling of the leaves on the trees and to come into contact with your inner child who wants to play.  To get wet in the river, step into puddles of water, climb and do all those things we have forgotten about through living in city apartments.


So fill your backpack with the bare necessities like water, energy bars, bananas or dried fruit; take an extra T-shirt with a waterproof windcheater to ward off the wind and - escape!  Run or walk; it doesn’t matter which.   


Stop at any place that inspires you and do some stretches, relax… and before it gets dark return to the safety of your home.

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