Nothing is impossible


Maria Polyzou - Greek record holder in a marathon race

The top Greek Marathoner – Maria Polyzou is to once again run the Marathon. She is dedicating it to two causes: the women who are fighting their battle against breast cancer and the children of the “Orama Elpidas” Association.

The Greek champion announced in a post on her social media page that on her birthday, Tuesday the 10th November, 2020, she will be ready to start the Virtual Race of 42.195 meters.


“This flame will never go out!  Nenikikamen!!!”, she wrote in her post and claimed that this year’s race is of great symbolic character after having defeated breast cancer herself and have come through with flying colors! 


“This is a personal race, dedicated to all women who are fighting their battle with breast cancer.  The message I’m conveying is that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.  I am also dedicating it to all the children at “Orama Elpidas” because the greatest celebration is within us!  


All together and each on our own – we will run this distance”, she stated in her post.

The holder of the Pan Hellenic record for the Authentic Marathon Route has intensified her daily training sessions in view to running the Virtual marathon on the 10th November - on her birthday.  She is training harder than ever before and can't wait for the moment to be at the starting point to run the Athens Virtual Marathon and celebrate her birthday in the best way possible.

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