Start running and set your goals


By Maria Polyzou

The achievement of each goal we set is not only the result of physical but also of mental activity - the mind and vision each one of us has.


The basic goal each runner should have, regardless of their level and expertise, is not to give up running – of course, it goes without saying that all medical tests have been done and the green light has been given by your doctor.


Running certainly demands a lot of work and is a matter of setting goals.


I can’t think of a better incentive, other than to start working on improving your own personal record.  Be careful, however, not to set unrealistic goals, as this might lead you to failure and consequently disappointment. 


Train for this, and keep a journal of all your training sessions so that you can see how you are improving.


Along with your coach, arrange to test yourselves by running and timing a distance of your choice.  In this way, you will certainly feel that you can safely run the distance you have set your mind to do so; this will remove all stress you may feel or the uncertainty of managing that particular distance before a race.


From then on … do not forget to:

  1. Always do your stretches after training sessions. This helps in keeping your muscles flexible after a long-distance or long session.
  2. Stick to healthy eating habits which help in strengthening our organism.
  3. Drink a lot of water.  The good homeostasis of our organism in water, keeps our muscles in good condition and we thus perform in a much better way during our training sessions. We should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
  4. Sleep more hours and especially, long before midnight.  Sleep is most beneficial in our achievements.
  5. Listen to your body and do not overdo things at training sessions.  Our body knows only too well how we feel, so we should listen to it.  The good runner is the one who finishes a training session, feeling rejuvenated – not exhausted.
  6. Apart from physical training, the training of the mind is equally important.  Envision your record.  Each and every day, visit a place where you can find peace and stay there for about 3 minutes and see yourself, with your mind’s eye, achieving that goal! Dream about it!!!  It always works.
  7. Check your running shoes.  If they have done many kilometres, you will have to change them, before you get injured. 
  8. We don’t want anxiety and stress.  A good mood is all we want and everything will fall into place.
  9. Stick to your goal!  Don’t ask yourself … “how am I to achieve this goal?...” 









Participating in a running team is very important as it helps us improve. We draw strength from one another and thus succeed in achieving our personal goals. 


Think of just one thing and work really hard to achieve it.  Nothing is impossible!  Your body has great strength in order to succeed and your soul will give you as much strength as you need in order to experience your own personal FEAT!


Happy running to all!


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